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Earthly and Heavenly Endeavors

The Great Gospel of John VII/222

A Roman friend for cultural advancement requests a navigational improvement.


The Lord answers him: “in generations to come, they will build beautiful and artful ships, by which people can travel in all directions over all the oceans with the speed of birds. but this will not increase the good fortune of human beings, physically or spiritually, but severely diminish it.

“Therefore, keep what you have as long as you can! Because, any great improvement in earthly things is always a real and lasting change for the worse in the spiritual, which a human being should cultivate on his own with all the powers of his life.

“Of what benefit would it be to a human being, if he could win all the treasures of the world, and through this suffer the greatest harm to his soul?!

Do you not yet know the short life span of the flesh on this earth, and its final destiny?! Weather you die as an emperor, or as a beggar, as far as the beyond is concerned, it is all one and the same!

“Whosoever has much here, will lack much in the beyond. Whosoever has little or nothing here, will lack nothing in the beyond. And he will easily and forthwith attain the inner, and only true, living spiritual treasures.

“That is why the forefathers of this earth were such happy human beings. They satisfied their necessities of life as simple as possible. However, as soon as human beings began to build their cities in the lower-lying valleys, haughtiness entered them and they became soft, indolent and soon fell into all kinds of deprivation, and into all kinds of misery. What goodness did they derive from this? They lost God from the sight of their souls, and all the inner vital energy of the spirit left them, so that they, just as many of you do, could no longer believe in life after the death of the body.

“Was that not a dreadful exchange for the greater convenience of the material–the spiritual was as good as lost!

“Whosoever is wise among you, and seeks to again exchange an unnecessarily comfortable and too good material life for the pure and true spiritual life, would do better by far, than if he would produce the greatest invention of how to safely and quickly cross the oceans. Nevertheless, at one point, he will die! Of what benefit will all his great inventions be to his soul?!

“Therefore, remain with what you have! Seek above all how to walk more and more upon the path of the spirit, then you will have made the greatest and best invention from the great voyage from this earth to the other side, the spiritual beyond.

“This will certainly last forever. To reach this, place all your energy and means into the fullest motion. For the earthly, as far as the body is concerned, only cares in as far as it is reasonably necessary!

“It is, of course, a totally natural thing for a human being to eat and drink, and protect the physical body from the cold and too much heat. But whosoever cares exclusively for the body, at the expense of the immortal soul, such a human being is truly blind and incredibly stupid fool. . . . .


“If you have understood this well, then no longer ask Me how you can greatly improve vain earthly things. The only reason I came to this world was to show you, and firmly prepare the ground for the path to the eternal life, in order that you may securely and easily progress on this path!”