Magical Practice Part 1 Foundation

Inspired by Franz Bardon’s

Initiation into Hermetics

Instant online access to MAGICAL PRACTICE Part 1 Foundation, released 21st July 2022 for £31.23 includes Android app and audio book.

Instant online access of MAGICAL PRACTICE Part 1 Foundation, released 21st July 2022  for £31.23
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About The Book

About the author.

Over three decades of practical experience and training, the co-creator of the international online forum. (The Franz Bardon’s theory and practice forum), the original founder of established in September 1996 and founder of the Hermetic Academy in London UK.


I remember falling to our earth like a Google earth zoom in, being blessed by joining my parents as an only child, our trio, my father never actually wanting to get married he only wanted to find the purpose of life, as he had been through so much through the second world war and then further wars which scattered our family across all continents, we ended up in the UK and London, but that’s a another long story. Continued in my book…..

Serge Karayan

Magical Practice Part 1 Foundation

Released 21/07/22

Instant online access MAGICAL PRACTICE Part 1 Foundation, released 21st July 2022  for £31.23

The first book of its kind genuinely truly magical online and transformative multimedia Internet links are constantly updated and available only here exclusively available as an online book Android app & audio book for instant access web access

Rick Riddick

Rick Riddick

Review *****

As a student of Hermetics I’ve been blessed to have read many books written by Adepts. Their teachings touch my heart,mind,and soul. I am graced in this present incarnation to be a student of Serge. I was given the opportunity and blessing to read and write a review of his book “Magical Practice Part 1 Foundation. “. This book provides a cornerstone a foundation for getting started in the understanding of Hermetics and the beginning practices. As his student I found many hidden gems in each chapter that I wasn’t aware of. When you read this book, you will discover the Message that you are the gem. You are the philosopher’s stone and that the practices spoken of in this book is the transmutation from raw material into gold. This book is a source of wisdom and Divine light.

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